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Who Me?

I'm Whitney. 
That's me!
This is my blog where I talk about myself, make fun of myself and make fun of others!

I love to read, write and eat copious amounts of chocolate and bacon.  What else do I love?

I like to go shopping and am disguising it with a great quote by Chanel. I also like historical movies and dramas.

I like cupcakes. And am trendy.

I like to travel. A lot. This is India.

I like pink and roses. And my boyfriend B who gives me flowers because he thinks I'm smart and pretty and funny.

I like my bed. And I like to write. And I also like fairy lights. Which I fully intend to put on my porch once I am a human in a real house by the beach.

I love my boyfriend. YAAAY. Don't worry, this is not a mushy blog.

 All you people who don't like me? :) I laugh at you.
Any questions?  Ask away.

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