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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Sound of the Ocean Keeps Me Up at Night

View from our window. Taken by our villa's previous owner :)
I haven't actually seen the sun rise from our balcony yet, but after  B's school starts, it's up and at 'em pretty early in the morning. Which shouldn't be too hard since the ocean waves crash pretty loudly on the beach.

After the flight/layover that was hotter than Hades we made it to the island which is....hotter than Hades. We managed to get the bags unpacked pretty quickly considering I might have packed my body weight in clothes. (Seriously) Because I could manage to be cold in the middle of a desert, I'm pretty excited about this humid weather. B says the hot weather hasn't even started yet. It's been a little bit overcast and cloudy so far, but that weather usually happens whenever I'm around. Haven't had too much need for the sunscreen yet, but it's coming, my Lobster Skin sense can feel it.

Time for me to break out the SPF 600 and for B to break out the textbooks.

Good luck! :)



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